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Personal Care in 4D

Our seminar that was held in a rural location, has been definitely a source of inspiration to the more than 65 participants.

For most of you this was this was our best seminar ever organized. The quality of the speakers and the content of their presentation was remarkable. Following topics were memorable:

  • Softalia: The new Argan oil from Givaudan.
  • Surprising High Tech Hyaluronic acid nano fibers from Contipro.
  • SUCRACLEAR:The first natural alternative to Carbomers from Alfacos.
  • The surpassing results of Dermaclarine by ABT on exfoliation/skin rejuvenation.
  • The poetic GOSULIN AGAVE as the only natural alternative to silicon elastomers from Gova.

We were also enchanted by the perfume passion of Vanessence. Laurent Bososn invited us to his secret world of scents.

IBR and Agrana guided us through their product range.

For the first time we shed the light on our cooperation with Ecotreasures for active oils, scrubs and extracts.

A lot is going to happen! See you next year in autumn 2015!