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Friendly Seminar: The invisible world of the Sun.

Friendly Seminar: The invisible world of the Sun.Tuesday, the 18 of September 2012, we have organized a seminar completely dedicated to new and original sun protection. The seminar took place in a very beautiful 13th century castle “Kasteel van Brasschaat”.

Hopefully the special atmosphere of the castle (with candles, antiques chandeliers and fresh flower) compensated the rainy atmospheres outside. Discussing the sun is not easy without a sun!




We were NOT presenting classical and chemical sunscreens. Together with our suppliers we looked into a different direction.

  • Natural sun protection from unexpected sources
  • New textures and concepts
  • Unseen marketing to distinguish your brand from others
  • Sun care in daily cosmetics
  • Alternatives to titanium dioxide

The seminar was soft scientific and was oriented towards formulators and marketeers.

We have been visited by 10 of our suppliers from which 8 gave the speech meanwhile. Additionally during the seminar all the suppliers were able to present their products and give more detailed information about the products during small exhibition.

We hope that all our suppliers and customers consider the seminar useful and interesting and that while building your new business relationships you could also enjoy a bit the time and the atmosphere of the place.

We would like to thank all the customers and suppliers for participating our events. We were very happy to have you all with us!

Agenda of the seminar